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                          EXAMPLE PROJECTS

Following are examples of the types of Florida projects that we have performed over the past 10 years showing the diversity of our 
capabilities. VES has also established relationships with professionals in complementary fields of science such as remediation, construction, ecology, endangered species, wetlands, water resources, marine engineering, and asbestos should the need arise. I will always directly oversee your project and use my experience to provide you with the options you need to resolve your issues or complete your transaction.  
- Melinda Hamsher, PG - President/Owner

Real Estate - ASTM 1527 Phase I & Phase II ESAs

I have been performing ASTM 1527 Phase I ESA's since 1995 for a diversity of clients including the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), The Nature Conservancy, Amerada Hess, airports, banks, investors, developers, buyers and sellers. I am a Florida Certified Environmental Site Assessor and "Qualified Environmental Professional" per ASTM 1527. I will always perform your Phase I myself. I do not delegate this important inspection to Junior staff members. 

Undeveloped Properties: We assisted the Nature Conservancy and Sarasota County with the acquisition of 1500 acres of property along the Little Myakka River that had been used for cattle grazing and hunting leases. This incredibly beautiful property contained piney uplands and pristine wetlands, deer, hogs, quail, fresh and salt springs. However, the property had also been adversely impacted by a target practice range that had been contaminated by lead bullets and a leaking portable diesel tank. In addition to the Phase I property inspection, VES coordinated the removal of the bullets, lead and petroleum-impacted soils from the area.

Vacant Land-Illicit Dumping: We assisted the Nature Conservancy and Sarasota County with the acquisition of 50 acres of property along the Myakka River that had been used for illicit dumping. Although most of the dumping consisted of non-hazardous solid waste, VES discovered an area of buried tar containers and liquid tar. In addition to the Phase I property inspection, VES coordinated the removal of the wastes, asphalt, and petroleum-impacted soils.  Illicit dumping is the primary concern when acquiring unsecured properties. VES will identify problems and help you to quickly clean up them up.

Grove Properties:  VES has years of experience performing inspections of citrus and other agricultural properties. We know how to locate potential contamination areas such as pump houses, maintenance areas, and burn piles. VES will help you quickly remove the impacts. With so many agricultural properties being converted to residential developments, it is important to find all of the potential contamination sources so families can move onto clean, safe properties.

Gas Station Properties:  VES has been performing environmental services for gas stations for nearly 20 years. If you are interested in purchasing a gas station property, VES offers a FREE site screening to inform you of the status of a station in regard to outstanding compliance issues and cleanup program eligibility.  This quick review can facilitate your decision to perform further investigation into the property.

Industrial Properties: VES' extensive experience with petroleum and hazardous waste makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate industrial properties. Industrial properties inherently may be associated with environmental issues. VES will identify those risks and provide you with options to address and quantify the issues within your tolerance for risk.


John Krabbe, PW and I have over 20 years of experience with petroleum facilities and gas stations. We have performed compliance, assessment, remediation, and tank upgrades at a wide variety of petroleum facilities, including military bases, bulk fueling facilities, fueling terminals, gas stations, and marinas. VES is a Florida Petroleum Pre approval Contractor and can perform state-funding environmental activities on your eligible gas station property.

Site Assessments and Drilling: Our extensive assessment experience combined with trusted, experienced contractors, enables VES to perform site assessments under adverse field conditions with minimal disruption to your site operations. VES has performed 100's of site assessments at Florida gas station properties.

Site Remediation:  VES endeavors to find non-intrusive alternatives to achieving site cleanup within your tolerance for risk. These options include Natural Attenuation Monitoring and Restrictive Covenants. However, when the need arises for active remediation, VES and our qualified contractors have 20 years of experience with a variety of remedial technologies; including: Air sparge/soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE), soil excavation, vacuum recovery, and bioremediation.

Tank Closures / Upgrades: VES has performed numerous environmental "closures" associated with the upgrade of fuel tanks, spill buckets, dispensers, and piping (above ground and underground). This process includes obtaining the requisite NPDES discharge permits and state-funded Soil Source Removal Funding, soil and groundwater testing; and, if required, removal and disposal of contaminated soils.  We strive to minimize the expense of cleanup by pursuing soil excavation and post monitoring programs in lieu of costly full scale remediation efforts. Additionally, VES can refer you to our network of qualified storage tank contractors for your upgrade or repair needs.

Compliance Issues:  VES has been assisting clients resolve outstanding compliance issues for over 10 years. VES will quickly identify the issues, connect you to the contractors or actions required to achieve closure, and most importantly, represent you with the regulatory authorities to close issues and negotiate lower penalties. VES recently assisted a property owner who had been pushed into enforcement when the gas station tenant abandoned the property literally in the middle of the night, leaving the owner with outstanding environmental compliance violations.

Bulk Fuel Facilities:  John and Melinda have performed multifaceted support at bulk fuel facilities such as MacDill AFB, Defense Fuels terminal, Jet Age Fuels, and others. Services included emergency responses, pipeline closures, bulk tank assessments, tightness testing, and tank upgrades.

Soil excavation is still the most cost effective means to eliminate the greatest source of petroleum contamination at a property. VES has performed numerous soil excavations related to fuel spills, including Charlotte County airport, vacant properties for the Nature Conservancy, numerous gas stations, arsenic-impacted rural properties, and industrial properties.

Hazardous Waste

John Krabbe. PE has a degree in Chemical Engineering and 30 years of chemical experience. Melinda Hamsher, PG has performed multiple facility inspections and site assessments for hazardous wastes. Our combined experience assures you that we will quickly and efficiently address your hazardous waste issues.  Facility experience includes, automotive facilities, auto repair shops, dry cleaners, chemical storage plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Automotive Facilities: Auto repair and maintenance facilities handles volumes of used oil, transmission fluids and solvents. VES has performed facility inspections to assist in the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), use of earth friendly cleaners, removal of wastes, and implementation of "cradle-to-grave" recordkeeping. When necessary, VES can assist in the closure of outstanding compiance violations.

Site Assessments:  VES has performed site assessments at automotive facilities and industrial properties such as  a former Tannery and a former chemical company. Each site posed unique challenges in regard to the chemicals of concern, the types of the releases, and the movement in the subsurface. The toxic nature of chemicals also frequently requires special health & safety considerations that VES is qualified to handle. Safety is always our first concern on a hazardous waste site.

Sediment & Water Quality Studies

The waterfront development growth of the past few years included the construction and enlargement of marina and docking facilities. The FDEP has specific permit requirements regarding the evaluation of potential water quality and sediment impacts arising from the property. VES has performed these tests for multiple projects in west Florida. We use specially qualified analytical laboratories that are familiar with the unique requirements of seawater analyses so that we can provide legally defensible data for your project.

Water Quality Studies: For example, VES assisted the City of Gulfport, Isla del Sol, Royal Yacht Club, Mirabel Point, and Port Hudson Marina perform requisite water quality sampling in support of their mooring field or dock expansion projects. VES is qualified to perform any type of soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, or marine water quality testing required by Florida permits. These tests can include 24 hour dissolved oxygen studies, 30 day coliform studies, metals in seawater, nutrients, petroleum products, temp, conductivity, salinity, and turbidity.

Sediment studies: VES has performed sediment and elutriate studies in support of dredge permits for Largo Intercoastal Marine, Gulf Landings, and Cornerstone Development for example. Sediment studies are a critical part of obtaining a dredge permits and dock construction permits to demonstrate that the proposed construction activities will not have a negative impact on water quality. VES will collect and characterize sediment samples and prepare geological reports in support of your permit. Additionally, VES will perform sediment elutriate studies to support the metals reports.

Tidal Flushing Studies:  are required for construction within a water basin. VES has assembled a team of scientists with the specialized Doppler Radar equipment required to obtain accurate measurements of tidal velocities within the basin during tidal change. Such studies were recently performed at Imperial Yacht in support of the new marina facilities.


As a licensed Florida Professional Geologist, Melinda Hamsher, PG is qualified and experienced to design, coordinate and oversee well installation,  document subsurface lithology, and provide geological reports. She has performed drilling in every area of Florida and is familiar with the unique challenges of each type of subsurface formation. VES has established relationships with highly experienced drilling contractors who are familiar with all types of well drilling: monitoring, remediation, permanent, temporary, piezometers, multiple-casings, geotechnical, injection, irrigation, potable, or geothermal.

Monitoring Wells: Over the past 20 years, Melinda Hamsher, PG has designed and overseen the installation of 1000's of monitoring wells in association with petroleum and hazardous waste site assessments. VES routinely installs single and double-cased wells, but has also designed and installed triple and quadruple cased wells for the assessment of deep aquifer sites in the north Florida area. VES has experience with rock drilling and the unique challenges of karst formations.

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