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Gas Station Evaluations

Melinda Hamsher, Professional Geologist, has nearly 20 years of experience with petroleum facilities and gas stations. She has performed compliance, assessment, remediation, and tank upgrades at a wide variety of petroleum facilities, including military bases, bulk fueling facilities, fueling terminals, gas stations, and marinas.

VES is a state-funded petroleum cleanup program contractor. Ms. Hamsher's extensive experience with Florida's cleanup programs enables her to help you verify the eligibility status of a facility and quickly scan through the volume of environmental documents associated with a facility. Compliance issues are of particular importance as new releases are the responsibility of the property owner. VES can also assist you with insurance claims for new releases and also perform any requisite assessments and remediation associated with tank upgrades, bucket closures, and dispenser upgrades.

Gas station acquisitions create unique finance issues. Utilizing the services of a qualified, experienced professional like VES will assure that the liability and contamination issues are recognized, quantified, and put into perspective to facilitate the real estate transaction. VES will perform a FREE eligibility review for a gas station property!

Tank Closures

VES has performed numerous environmental "closures" associated with the upgrade of fuel tanks, spill buckets, dispensers, and piping (above ground and underground). This process includes obtaining the requisite NPDES discharge permits and state-funded Soil Source Removal Funding, soil and groundwater testing; and, if required, removal and disposal of contaminated soils. VES will also assist with the post closure assessment and remediation if required. We strive to minimize the expense of cleanup by pursuing soil excavation and post monitoring programs in lieu of costly full scale remediation efforts. 

VES will also assist in obtaining qualified price quotations for storage tank removal or upgrade, or site closure.

Soil Excavations

Soil excavation is still the most cost effective means to eliminate the greatest source of petroleum contamination at a property. The contaminated soil acts like a" sponge" that continually releases contamination into the water table; creating a larger groundwater problem and increasing liability for potential off-site impacts. VES will strive to remove the contaminated soil during your tank or bucket upgrades. Following removal of the impacted soil, most sites easily qualify for a simple groundwater monitoring program in lieu of costly full scale remediation.

Site Assessment

Site assessments are a critical component of the evaluation of the environmental impact of a petroleum release. VES has over 20 years of experience performing petroleum contamination assessments in Florida. The unique variety of subsurface soil conditions in Florida present unique challenges in the assessment process. Ms. Hamsher has performed assessments all across Florida and brings this experience to bear in minimizing the repeat efforts (and associated expenses) incumbent with assessment methodologies. VES is qualified to perform assessment for older releases or new emergency discharges. VES is qualified to perform any type of soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, or marine water quality testing required by Florida Rule 62-770.


Once a discharge has been assessed and the extent of the problem is established, a variety of remediation options come into play to achieve cleanup of your property.  VES has 20 years of experience with petroleum remediation in Florida using conventions and innovative technologies. Our first priority is to identify the remedial approach that is the most cost effective and achieves the level of closure you require. Chapter 62-780 provides alternatives for total cleanup of a property. We pride ourselves on offering you solid choices that will enable you to resolve your contamination issues within your tolerance for risk

Compliance Issues

Now that the new petroleum storage tank upgrades have been completed, ongoing compliance of your facility should be simplified. However, should you get a violation, VES has relationships with qualified tank contractors who can quickly perform the requisite tests or repairs to bring your facility back into compliance. We will be happy to refer your directly or assist with documentation to regulatory agencies.

Discharge Permits

VES has extensive experience obtaining and monitoring for NPDES discharge permits. We can provide turn-key services to obtain, monitor, or report for your short, or long term discharge permit.

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