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Phase I ASTM 1527 Environmental Site Assessments

Melinda Hamsher, Professional Geologist, is a Certified Florida Environmental Site Assessor, Registered Environmental Property Assessor, Licensed Environmental Professional, and a "Qualified Environmental Professional" per ASTM 1527-05.

Your Phase I ESA will be performed directly by Ms. Hamsher, who has over 15 years of experience performing Phase I ESA's in Florida. We do not assign these important inspections to Junior staff members!

Past Clients include: The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Amerada Hess, Charlotte County Airport, multiple banks, developers, private investors, and business individuals.

Soil & Well Sampling

VES will perform any kind of soil, groundwater, or well testing to screen the property of interest for potential environmental impacts.

Gas Station Evaluations

VES will perform preliminary research to determine if the gas station has a previously reported discharge or compliance violations, and verify if the property is eligible for any of the state-funded cleanup programs. This is a FREE service!

VES will also provide any kind of soil, groundwater or well testing to screen the property of interest for potential petroleum impacts.

VES will also assist in obtaining qualified price quotations for storage tank removal or upgrade, or site closure.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

VES has performed numerous inspections of industrial and manufacturing facilities. With our environmental compliance and contamination experience, we can identify areas of potential concern and find effective ways to properly manage the risk that your operations or acquisition can go smoothly.

Rural, Farm, and Grove Property Inspections

Ms. Hamsher grew up in a rural farm environmental, so is familiar with most farm operations. She has performed numerous inspections of Florida's rural, farm, and grove properties and is familiar with the unique environmental issues associated with these types of Florida properties.

Pre-Listing Site Inspections

VES offers confidential pre-listing site inspections to help you identify potential environmental issues before your property is listed for sale. Many problems can be easily resolved with simple housekeeping! Put your best foot forward when you offer the property!

Pre-Lease + Post-Lease Property Inspections

The EPA and State of Florida will consider the property owner to be responsible for the liability and costs of cleaning up a property that was contaminated by the actions of a tenant. Ignorance is no protection under the law! Protect yourself with a strong environmental liability clause in your lease contract, but back it up with pre-lease and post-lease property inspections to strengthen your ability to keep the liability with the tenant!

Abandoned / Vacant Property Inspections

The abundance of vacant and abandoned properties has facilitated an increase in general vandalism and "creative recycling" entrepreneurs. VES can perform period inspections of your property on your behalf and make recommendations to minimize these issues.

Environmental Real Estate Seminars

VES is pleased to offer a series of FREE seminars focused on environmental real estate issues. This seminar can be adjusted to meet the needs of any group. Please call us if you need a guest speaker or want to supplement your realtor, broker, or investor education programs.

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