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Monitoring Well Design & Installation

Melinda Hamsher, PG has 20 years of experience designing and installing a wide variety of monitoring and remediation wells. VES has assembled a team of qualified drillers who can properly install any type of wells: monitoring, remediation, permanent, temporary, piezometers, multiple-casings, aquifer storage & recovery, geotechnical, injection, irrigation, potable, or geothermal.

Direct Push Technology

Direct push technology includes several types of drilling rigs and drilling equipment which advances a drill string by pushing or hammering without rotating the drill string. Direct push rigs include both cone penetration testing (CPT) rigs and direct push sampling rigs such as a PowerProbe or Geoprobe. Direct push rigs typically are limited to drilling in unconsolidated soil materials and very soft rock. The advantage to DPT is a low profile to fit under canopies and limited height areas, small footprint to access difficult and narrow areas, mobility, and flexibility. Many DPT rigs have hollow stem auger attachments. DPT rigs are highly useful for the collection of continuous soil samples for sampling and litho logy characterization.

Phase 2, Assessment, or Remediation Sampling

Site assessments are a critical component of the evaluation of the environmental impact of a petroleum release. VES has over 20 years of experience performing petroleum contamination assessments in Florida. The unique variety of subsurface soil conditions in Florida present unique challenges in the assessment process. Ms. Hamsher has performed assessments all across Florida and brings this experience to bear in minimizing the repeat efforts (and associated expenses) incumbent with assessment methodologies. VES is qualified to perform any type of soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, or marine water quality testing.

ASR Well Installation Sampling

Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) is the storage of water in a well during times when water is available, and recovery of the water from the same well during times when it is needed. ASR provides a cost-effective solution to many of the world's water management needs, storing water during times of flood or when water quality is good, and recovering it later during emergencies or times of water shortage, or when water quality from the source may be poor. Large water volumes are stored deep underground, reducing or eliminating the need to construct large and expensive surface reservoirs. In many cases, the storage zones are aquifers that have experienced long term declines in water levels due to heavy pumping to meet increasing urban and agricultural water needs. Groundwater levels can then be restored if adequate water is recharged. VES can assist with the monitoring and sampling of water quality during important aquifer storage and reocovery (ASR) well installation. Regular calibration and maintenance of calibration records are critical in the validity of the data.

Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Testing

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